Buying a Dental Insurance? Here is What You Need to Know!

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018

It is challenging to pick up the right dental plan, and the problem with the insurance policy is that until the time you need coverage, you may never even know that there were any limitations in the Insurance plan that you had purchased.

Understand your dental insurance

The dental plans only cover the preventive treatments, which are of a low cost. Most of the Dental Insurance Texas will cover 100% of the preventive care like x-rays and cleaning, 80% of the treatments that are basic like tooth filling and 50% of the costly and complex dental procedures like implants and root canal.

Also, most of the insurance plans will want you to be associated with them for at least a year before you can apply to get coverage for the costlier treatments and at least six months of membership to get the basic treatments.

The cost of a dental plan is just a little lower than paying for the preventive treatments directly. So it is just a way to pre-pay for your dental care. You also are assured that in case you need to go for more than one filling in a year then you are covered.

What factors should be considered when buying Dental Insurance?

Before you finalize the purchase of a dental policy, make sure that you are clear about these four factors of the insurance plan.

• Know the deductibles of the insurance plan – The deductible is the initial amount that you will be paying towards your dental treatment before you can avail the dental insurance benefits. Almost all the insurance plans have a deductible.

• Know the network doctors in the Dental Insurance in Texas. The plan should let you choose from a large number of dentists.

• Know what services are covered under the dental insurance plan. Most of the dental coverage would include the preventive treatments. You may also get plans that offer coverage for the advanced treatments.

• Lastly, understand what your budget is. You need to make sure that you are getting the best dental plan as per your budget.

Know your dental insurance plan

• Your dental insurance plans will offer preventive care. The preventive care includes a regular dental checkup, x-rays, and cleanup. Most of the dental insurance plans will cover 100% of this cost.

• The basic treatments like filing and extractions are covered by the plan. However, most of them only offer 80% coverage in these cases. This is also a good saving, but take care to know that the filing will not be the composite filing but the silver filing. You may have to pay extra for a composite filling.

• The advanced treatments like implants and root canals are also covered under the dental insurance plans. However, the plans only offer 50% coverage. But it still saves you lots of money since you need to pay only half the cost of the treatment.

• The corrective services like getting braces are not included in the Dental Insurance in Texas. For this, you will have to purchase a rider.

• The insurance policy saves you money, but you also need to be aware that these plans have a waiting period. The waiting period could differ between the dental policies but in most cases, it is three months for the preventive treatments and up to a year for the advanced treatments. It is thus important that you do not wait until the last to buy a Dental plan.

Your oral health is equally important for your well-being. It is thus important that you do not delay to purchase an insurance policy. Understand what the plan covers and take an informed decision to buy the right insurance plan.