Ask These Questions to Your Health Insurance Agent

Posted by on Aug 18, 2017

Medical emergencies can strike anytime and healthcare in this country is not really cheap. Being prepared financially for these situations is one of the wisest things you can do. Health insurance can really be a boon during medical treatments owing to the fact the healthcare is so expensive. When you have an insurance plan, a large amount of your medical fees will be paid by the insurance company while you cover the rest. Apart from staying on the safe side, there are many other advantages of health insurance. When you buy health insurance you are making a very smart financial decision and making good use of your savings money. Investing on a good health insurance is always important, so as to ensure that your money is saved wisely and claimed immediately when needed.

You can either take health insurance in San Antonio TX  on your own or take the help of health insurance agents; the latter is easy and has many advantages to it. When you are buying any insurance plan with the help of an agent, you don’t have to do any of the paperwork, nor remember any premium due dates or renewal dates either. An agent will ensure to show an array of insurance plans to choose from; plans that are customized to your needs and matching with your financial position. Most importantly, a health insurance agent will stand by your side while claiming your insurance money and help you during difficult times and medical emergencies.

Choosing a good health insurance plan is an important decision to make and in order to do so, you must first choose a good health insurance agent. In this article we will discuss how to choose a good health insurance agent and the questions to ask them before choosing one of them as your agent. Read on.

1. Are You Licensed?

Not everybody can become a health insurance agent and sell health insurance plans overnight. An agent has to be licensed to do so and while choosing an agent, you must always ensure that the agent you choose is licensed, so that you can count on his experience and legitimacy. You can also visit the agent’s website and look for these details. Generally agents display their licenses on their websites for clarity and convenience. If you don’t find your agent’s credentials on the website, you can certainly doubt his/her legitimacy as an agent and directly ask for it over a phone call.

2. What Insurance Plans can you offer?

An insurance agent will be well updated with information concerning health insurance plans and have a curated list of insurance plans from various insurance providers. Before you choose a particular plan, you can certainly ask your agent the plans he/she can offer and help you get good schemes or deals on your plan. An independent insurance agent will be unbiased and offer any plan that suits your needs, while a non-independent agent will only offer you insurance plans that belongs to the insurance providers he/she is affiliated with. So ensure to choose an independent health insurance agent for a number of unbiased options.

3. Can you provide references of claims handled before?

This is one of the most important questions to ask while choosing a health insurance agent. Claims are a big part of health insurance plans and when you or your loved one is facing a severe medical condition, the last thing you need is problems from your insurance plan. It would be very helpful when the agent can assist the claim process during these situations where you are emotionally vulnerable and need moral support. Any agent who can provide references to at least 2 claims he/she has handled before can be trusted.

4. What are the services you can offer after the purchase?

The job of a health insurance agent is not done with the purchase of a plan. Few agents go out of their comfort zone and keep a track of your plan, inform you about changes/updates, remind you about premium and renewal dates and more importantly help you with your claim when needed. When you ask your health insurance agent these questions, expect to hear all of the services mentioned above.