Insurance Direct Mail on the Rise: Top Practices for a Successful Campaign

Posted by on Aug 20, 2015

For many insurance professionals still the huge potential of direct mail marketing remained relatively less understood. While a lot of professionals are finding email marketing as a future ready maneuver to generate business there is a considerable portion that are still in darkness. While insurance direct mail campaigns are consistently on the rise, some practices need to be perfected for effective marketing output. But before going into further discussion concerning top practices for a successful campaign let us have a quick look at some of the widely recognized benefits of insurance direct mail marketing.

Insurance Direct Mail on the Rise Top Practices for a Successful CampaignDirect mail marketing unlike most other marketing avenues enjoys the broadest possible reach.  You not only can reach wider audience but can personalize the mail content according to recipient. Obviously research on mailing list and segregation plays an important role in this regard.

Direct mail offers more direct way to garner response and customer views than all other types of marketing. By driving ad campaigns on media or through directory you can only address people who happen to access those channels at the right time. But while mailing there is hardly any chance that the recipient can totally ignore it.

Direct mail offers more target based marketing approach and you can customize and personalize your marketing maneuvers based on the mail recipient list. With modern customization tools like variable printing data you can address each mail recipient depending on their personal and social attributes and their preference. This obviously results in better marketing output compared to so-called general approach in other types of marketing.

Lastly, direct mail as a marketing means offers more engaging interactive marketing platform that makes tracking and measuring recipient behavior easier to garner business specific insights.

Insurance companies are continually turning to well targeted mails as a mode of marketing because they often give recipients a personalized feel and importance to their needs. They are constantly finding direct mail campaigns as more effective than other forms of marketing to achieve respective sales, marketing and ROI goals.

The rising importance of direct mail marketing over other forms of marketing avenues cannot be understated. Let us have a look at few emerging direct mail marketing trends.

•  Most direct mails have their primary focus on potential savings from the insurance plans, quality of service, claim settlement and service and overall customer satisfaction record.

•  Most insurance direct mails ( focuses primarily on the recipient’s insurance needs and accordingly offers him a plan that take care of his concerns and constraints.

Obviously when it comes to marketing there are some practices that garner more value for insurers. For making direct mail campaign successful and garnering consistent ROI through it, here we are going to discuss few best practices for insurers.

•  Attaching with the respective phone number an instant access quote card will let you track the caller prospect, response rate and return on investment. You can further personalize this card to offer prospects more benefits. This is an engaging manner to connect and drive prospects.

•  Make the direct mail marketing as a launching pad for other engaging cross-channel marketing initiatives. You can do this in personalizing your mail in various ways. For instance, you can give a QR code with the mail piece so that through it prospects can be guided to the website of the insurance agent.

•  By tracking the responsiveness of mail recipients in various locations you can further boost response by giving postal rate discounts in some areas.

All over the globe, insurance companies grabbing the opportunity of direct mail marketing because of the huge potential that this new marketing maneuvers unveils for them. Direct mailing has already taken the center stage for insurance marketers as it provides huge scopes of customization and personalization to garner more appreciation and customer satisfaction. But, the practices discussed here also play a crucial role in augmenting the effectiveness of direct mail marketing to several notches.